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Ficus Elastica Rubber Tree, Small

Ficus Elastica Rubber Tree, Small

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    Fully rooted in organic soil and actively seen growing, from mother plant.

   15” tall plant in a 4” nursery clear pot.

   Ficus elastica burgundy, is a popular cultivar of the Rubber Tree plant that is prized for its striking and unique burgundy-colored foliage. Part of the fig family, the Rubber plant is relatively easy to care for, and if kept in the right conditions, they can grow up to 3 meters tall.


Lighting and care tips:


   The Rubber Tree needs at least six to eight hours of light daily. This can be lower light at times, but it is best to give this species medium to bright light, preferably bright indirect. If your windows receive harsh direct sun, placing a sheer curtain over it can help diffuse the light. You can tell if the Rubber Tree is not receiving enough light by the color on its leaves, which will begin fading. Water when soil is dry.


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